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Gay Authors Workshop presents


GAW is looking for new members to write for their forthcoming anthology of LGBTQ+ poetry and compositions focused on the experience of change, transformation, epiphany and the pivotal moment, queer alteration and the question of timing, courage, evolution, and growth.

Open to all GAW members.
For further info and to join GAW go to our website, the
n submit your entry using the form below.



  • All work submitted for inclusion must be the work of members of GAW.

  • Get your entry in asap because we shall be going to print as soon as we get enough pieces!

  • Publication is unpaid.

  • Any number of pieces may be submitted, prose or poetry.

  • EACH PIECE must be accompanied by a sentence or two saying how the piece fits the subject criteria.

  • Entries must comprise fewer than 3000 words.

  • Entries must be of previously unpublished work.

  • Editors’ decision is final, will be based upon the criteria given and the demands of space, and cannot be appealed.

  • If published, you will receive one free copy of the published book.

The anthology will be co-edited by GAW authors Hastie Salih (she/her) and David Flybury (he/him).  


You may also contact GAW directly via the website.

Please create a separate message for each piece submitted.

We can only accept raw text at this stage, but if your entry is accepted we shall contact you prior to publication to establish any special typesetting requirements.

If you have any problems submitting your text, please use the form to contact us for assistance.

Do not include any personal details in your application.

Your piece should not be more than 3000 words.

Thank you for your participation.

Is this ...

Thanks for submitting! We'll get back to you.

Introducing the Gay Authors Workshop

The Gay Authors Workshop

Supporting LGBTQ+ writers.
Gay Authors Workshop is an association of LGBTQ+ creative writers - poets, dramatists, fiction and non-fiction writers. Our aim is to support writers by providing opportunities to meet, read, discuss and develop their work with a view to publication. We hold monthly Zoom meetings and frequent gatherings. We have a quarterly newsletter to keep in touch, report meetings and publish members' poems and short pieces. We welcome members from all over the country - indeed the world!

Membership: £8(£5 conc.)pa.

Join us via the website.

Paradise Press

The imprint of the Gay Authors Workshop.

Established in 1999 to overcome the indifference to  LGBTQ+ writing in the mainstream publishing industry, we have  published over forty books in print and e-book formats:  prose, verse, and anthologies of poetry/stories/essays.  


From fantasy and chilling tales of the supernatural to the  memoirs of gay men who lived through the repressive years of  the 1950s and 1960s, from acerbic humour to thoughtful poetry,  from romance to mystery, there’s a book for you!  Our books may be purchased via the website.

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